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Conducting a job search is difficult. Atlin Recruitment can simplify your search for the right job opportunity.  Our staffing consultants are passionate — determined to help you identify the environment where you can thrive and achieve your career goals.

Atlin Recruitment team will provide you with personal service – backed by proven experience and technology.

Connect with more employers, more job opportunities, and achieve your career goals:

A variety of challenging and flexible positions

Access to full-time employment through our temp-to-hire conversion program

Rewarding direct-hire career positions

Partnering with Atlin Recruitment Inc. is the smarter way to search!

Whether you’re looking for finance and accounting jobs, supply chain logistics jobs, or mechanical engineering jobs, our recruitment experts can help you find that next great career.

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Submit Your Resume

For Temporary Placement please submit your resume to

For Direct Hire Placement please submit your resume to

Along with your resume, please include a brief description about your search interests, industry interests, and the type of employment that you are seeking. If your experience and education matches the type of placements we specialize in, our office will contact you to further discuss your search interests and criteria.

Our Interview Process

In the next step you will experience a personalized in-person interview to further discuss your interests and identify your qualifications for current and future opportunities.

Our Advertised Employment Opportunities

If you have submitted your resume for our advertised employment opportunities, we also encourage you to submit your resume to

No Response To Your Resume?

Our office responds to resumes that meet the qualifications of our open positions. At times, positions are filled quickly, some are cancelled by clients, position specifications may have changed, or your experience may not have matched the current opportunities.

common questions

Atlin Recruitment Inc. does NOT charge job seekers anything for our services.  Our fees are paid by our client companies that are seeking exemplary talent.

Here are three simple reasons why you should choose Atlin Recruitment Inc.:

  1. Unique Positions: Many positions cannot be found on sites because clients are using recruiters exclusively. Recruiters will be able to tell you about positions you cannot find.
  2. Negotiation: Recruiters will be able to better negotiate salary and benefits for you than if you were to directly work with the potential employer.
  3. Resume and interview skills improvement: we have worked with the clients for many years; we know what they like and dislike and can help improve your odds.

Send us your resume or contact us to explore how Atlin Recruitment can help match you to a position that will meet your long and short-term career goals.

 After making first contact with a recruiter from Atlin Recruitment, please be prepared to have an extensive phone screen, roughly 15 minutes, depending on how extensive your work experience is.  This initial interview is done to ensure that the appropriate skill levels, job stability and professionalism are commensurate with the opening that you are being considered.  If you are a qualified candidate, we schedule a face-to-face interview to test your skills and divulge the details of the job opening for which you are being considered.  At that point, you are presented to the client, so they may decide whom to interview and when.

Communication is paramount with your Recruitment Consultant. Be clear about what you are looking for and be realistic about the salary you require. It’s also important to ask questions. The consultant understands what employers look for and will be able to provide advice on your resume and interviews that will help increase your chances of getting the job you want.